Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sound Off Sunday

Social media have their Throwback Thursdays so why not Sound Off Sunday. I know I express my opinion a lot but you should hear all the stuff I don't say. Hang on to your laptops friends I may never do this again.

All those selfie shots with the girls wrangling their tongues cyrus-style.... stop it, it is disgusting.

People shouldn't feel compelled to apologize for their Halloween costumes - get over it people, it's HALLOWEEN, one day to be able to dress up stupid without repercussions.

I'm not an animal lover, not an activist for their causes.  Hate it when dogs poop on my lawn! But I did see Blackfish and agree that whales belong free in the sea and not locked up in aquariums to amuse us. Not a fan of zoos either.

Singers who perform the National Anthem at sporting events and treat it like a exercise of their vocal range should stick to singing in the shower and save us the auditory pain.

Corporations with management teams that approve really stupid and offensive commercials from ad-agencies should automatically be put on the 'don't buy from' list.


  1. This is like my post last Sunday where I provided unexpanded snippets of thoughts. It's kinda fun, isn't it? Just dump and go. I'm thinking of doing this every Sunday. I commend you for this post.

  2. Random Thought Generator - yep fun for sure.

  3. LOVE IT! I may have to give it a try-seems like it would be very...hmmmm....cleansing! :)

    1. Hey Mare thanks for stopping by the old watering hole. Nice to see you. BTW aren't you thrilled at Ross's new success? I love his TV show, it is fun. Good for him.