Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's Make Some Noise

It's not quite New Year's Eve but let's make some noise for the whistleblowers that roam this earth. They play a love/hate role but without them so many things would go unnoticed and unchanged.

Edward Snowden fled the U.S. and was given asylum in Russia for leaking information about what the NSA was doing. That was months ago and I suppose there are still may people who want to send Snowden up before a firing squad but ironically today the news is reporting that perhaps the NSA has gone a step too far with its unwarranted snooping on American citizens. I doubt without the information leaked by Edward Snowden there would be any changes being considered to what the NSA is doing.

Another story coming out now is one involving 51 U.S. Navy sailors aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan that have become ill after their exposure to radiation while helping out with the Fukushima disaster. Those of us that follow the nuclear topic are not surprised by this news. There are many stories out there, but they are just not being reported on in the mainstream news outlets.

The  Daily Kos and Aljazeera have these reports. This news really needs to be reported on.


  1. "There are many stories out there, but they are just not being reported on in the mainstream news outlets."

    Yup. And Snowden is a real American hero. Time should definitely have given him their Person of the Year award. Isn't it supposed to be for the great shakers and movers? That's a description of Edward Snowden. Just today, I read that Brazil gave a contract worth four and a half billion to Saab, rather than to an American company. This is a direct result of Snowden's disclosures about the US spying on Brazil. Talk about having a huge effect! And that's just one small part of it. I do wish Brazil would allow him to live in the country. Someone's gotta step up. But they're all frightened of the US -- and rightfully so. Keep on it, Annie. The truth is rising.

  2. I feel guilty about taking some time off but am so pleased that you and another friend on Facebook have picked up the stories about the U.S. sailors. If I had any courage at all I would write an in-depth story about how Al Qaeda really won the day the U.S. passed the Homeland Security bill. Such a sad state of affairs.

    1. I still haven't heard boo about it from any American media source. This is totally weird. Shouldn't someone somewhere in the US be screaming about the radiation poisoning? The families of the sailors, if no one else. Very strange.