Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Research and Rescue

Research and Rescue carry on under watchful Penguin eyes.

It is so frozen solid at times that to make any progress is impossible. Yet, even in their state of immobility the captives continued to smile and be happy. Cheerful songs could be heard filling the Arctic air.

Airlift transfers moved the ice trapped revelers from their research ship to their rescue ship only to find themselves back in the same situation - unable to move. But the Chinese ship, Snow Dragon, persisted inching its way forward  toward open sea.

Now both Research and Rescue are making it to open water and will be able to continue on. The United States Coast Guard ice breaker the Polar Star that has been dispatched to the area will continue to monitor the situation until evidence shows that Research and Rescue are fine on their own.

I get the feeling that if current Hollywood scripts are in slow demand this year we might get a release of Captain Phillips - Part Two - The Penguin Adventures showing up in movie theaters this summer.  


  1. And on a tangential Arctic note: we thought we might not have a real winter this year. Foolish thought. The whole world seems like Siberia at the moment. I like it except for the wind. Winter is a wonderful season, beautiful in so many ways. And hey, the people who own snow-related businesses must be very happy this year.

  2. I swear I could hear happy humming and whistling coming from the drivers of the plows when they came through this morning.