Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DejaVu All Over Again

Yanukovych Estate

"It was a tough weekend for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Anti-government protestors essentially deposed the president, issuing a warrant for his arrest. And Ukrainians  got a close look at Yanukovych’s estate, an opulent shrine to gluttony and consumerism, filled with golden toilets (allegedly), a full-sized Spanish Galleon and a huge collection of exotic automobiles." ~ Craig Fitzgerald, BoldRide
So here we go again. Is anyone really surprised? It seems every time there is a revolution and a despot is over-thrown and when the victors view the spoils the picture is always one of opulence and gluttony.

In the United States we have a slightly different breed of despots that technically work outside the government framework but so very often achieve their great wealth by stepping on the backs of the little people.

The American great and glorious gluttons take their wealth and buy their way with lobbying and campaign coffering into even greater wealth. So I doubt anyone would be very surprised at what they would see if the Wall Street barons were disposed and their skin peeled back to view what lies underneath.

The so-called Republican outrage when President Obama dares to speak of raising the minimum wage but never is there a discussion of the maximum wage. Corporate leaders screaming that having to supply workers with health insurance will break the company and at the same time ignoring the millions and millions of dollars paid in executive salaries and add on layers of fringe bennies.

Watch House of Cards - it will make you squirm, because it is so f***ing real. The mainstream media can't write about stuff like this but if you turn it into a story line for a 'fictional' television show you can get aways with tons of stuff.

Go ahead and watch it, I dare you. And after you do tell me that isn't happening here, right here in the good old USA.

I end as I began it's DejaVu all over again.

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  1. That's the purpose of fiction: to light up the dark and show us what's there. And it ain't pretty.