Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hmmm? Hope for Missouri-Made SMRs

Hope is a word I would use when talking about finding a cure for cancer, but making SMR's sound like the next best thing since sliced bread? I don't think so but here we go AGAIN.

It wasn't that long ago that I blogged about Westinghouse tossing in the towel on their joint SMR project with Ameren here in Missouri, in fact I wrote on February 4 that Westinghouse had decided to "reprioritize" their SMR project and move on.

Now the Columbia Business Journal is writing about hope for this project. Even the newly elected Callaway County Assessor is on board.
“The county is really hoping to get the new module plants,” says Jody Paschal, newly elected Callaway County assessor. “They would really increase our economic base and grow our communities even more. I think people enjoy working there, and I don’t think people feel unsafe having it in our community.”
What is it about the nuclear power people that they just can't let go despite all the negatives associated with the project. Read the article and you find the words; "hoping", "possibly" and "appear" - nothing concrete and nothing that would address my concerns for dealing with the spent fuel. I am just not so sure about this 'next generation' of nuclear technology.

Let's explore the real other options we have like wind and solar. And not the "other options" of pooled funding that is mentioned in the CBJ article.

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