Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet my little friend, Oscar.

Well they did it and it wasn't so bad after all. Oscar Night 2014 is now history and hopefully it won't be long and I will be able to see all those grand and not so grand movies on the small screen.

Of the movies I have actually seen my favorite for story and acting was "Blue Jasmine", my kind of film, edgy, dark and enough meat in the script to make you think. I enjoyed "The Butler" because it reminded me of an age I remember growing up in. And because as the film ended I just broke down in tears, really for all of us.

"Dallas Buyers Club" was good, Mathew did a great job, but probably someone else could have handled the script and done the same good job. "Captain Phillips" was good but not great and actually the only movie I went out to a theater to see.

I haven't seen "12 Years a Slave", "Her", "Philomena" and "Nebraska" but I will. Like any sweet treats you don't want to devour them all at once.

Not sure about "Wolf" but you can never tell maybe ten months from now I will find it on my HBO channel. As for "Gravity" I will pass on it even if free popcorn was involved.

The television extravaganza went well this year I thought, I never switched channels once. I thought the acceptance speeches for the most part were very good and thoughtful, delivered by grownups which is always refreshing.

So there you have, my take on Oscar Night. Oh and I loved the selfie Ellen did. Very appropriate since "selfie" was just inducted into the Oxford Dictionary as the new word for the year. Congratulations, Self. Go ahead stand up and thank the many people who helped you get this honor.

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  1. I feel the same way about Gravity, Annie. I adore sci-fi movies but I won't see it, even when it's free on HBO. It seems like it was created just to make the audience uncomfortable. Not my kind of experience. Last night I wondered if you were enjoying the Oscars. I figured you would, what with Ellen hosting. Of course I didn't watch and don't care who won. But then, I'm a curmudgeon. Glad you enjoyed it, anyway. And now, let us get on with life.