Thursday, March 20, 2014


I just finished reading A Livelihood in Nuclear Waste, Under Threat. This is the most socially irresponsible article having to do with nuclear waste that I have ever read!

First, it is written in the style of novel and not a news article and second........
“People keep asking, ‘When do you think they’ll let us be back at work?’ ” Rick Fuentes was quoted as saying.
The WIPP  plant was closed because it was a health risk to the workers and the people living in the area. Do we really care more about our work then we care about ourselves?

I don't know if Mr. Fuentes was speaking for himself or for the United Steelworkers union where he serves as a chapter president. But if that is the United Steelworkers stance I would suggest they really look out more for their employees and work to clean up this nuclear waste mess.

The questions should not be "Will I have a job?" - rather "Will I have a life?"


  1. Well, at least Betty Richards is worried. But you're right. People in that area seem to be more worried about jobs than safety. Mind you, that's understandable considering the dire financial straits most people are in these days. The media can talk about a financial recovery all they want. Regular people aren't seeing it. Now, if we had a guaranteed income for everyone -- as we should -- these people might notice that their job isn't very healthy. But I can also understand these folks believing they're doing an essential service for the country. They are. But that's only because we keep creating more nuclear plants. In all, it's disheartening. And I'm talking about the whole nuclear movement when I say that. There was a great article about wind power this week. It could be sustainable and much more useful than solar panels. Someone oughta get crackin' on that. Times a'wasting. PS: Happy Saturday, Annie.

  2. I understand and I don't want to beat up on the people that do their jobs.... thinking back to those workers at Fukushima......going in knowing the dangers........ It's not their fault, like you say, people are just trying desperately to survive.

    We need to talk more about a guaranteed income....... this really is the way to go. Under this type of system I don't see slackers, but I see people freed, to become who they were meant to be. More later on this.....