Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pissed Off

This Penn State thing pisses me off. Today I was reading an article about an interview with Sandusky’s wife where she claims her husband is innocent. Fine, stand by your man…………… but then she goes on to say how the victims were manipulated. “Once lawyers came into the case………….there was money.”

Excuse me, but before the first letter of the first allegation was written it was about money - money that was and would be coming into Penn State to be exact.

I think Jerry Sandusky got what was coming to him, but sadly all the people at the university that allowed for this to continue without letting it be known and helped  to cover it up are equally to blame.

And if you don’t think there weren't many private discussions that went on with the regents and the president of Penn State and with Coach Paterno you are very naive.

When a child’s life is ruined by sexual abuse even innocent bystanders should pay a price if they knew about the crime and did nothing to stop it. And if your precious football program is going to suffer monetarily then tough shit.

I say shame, shame on Penn State officials and shame on Mrs. Sandusky for even insinuating that the victims were in this case manipulated by money.

And to end the article by saying “the case shattered Penn State’s storied football program” is an insult. Not one mention of the lives of the children that were shattered. 

Come on people, give me a break.

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  1. And not one mention of the kids, as you say. Reminds me of Catholic priests. It's all about them and their precious church. You don't hear boo about the kids. Go get 'em, Annie!