Friday, April 18, 2014


PLUTONIUM, named after the Greek god of hell, is one of the most dangerous substances on earth and is produced by fission. It is extremely toxic and carcinogenic if inhaled - even a tiny amount can cause lung cancer and it moves from the lungs through the blood to other organs. It enters lymph glands via white blood cells and can mutate regulatory genes causing lymphoma or leukemia. An iron analog, it enters bone marrow and hemoglobin in red blood cells. It irradiates bone cells causing bone cancer and white blood cells in bone marrow causing leukemia. It is stored in the liver, causing liver cancer, and crosses the placenta into a developing embryo. Plutonium is also stored in the testicles, adjacent to spermatocytes, causing mutations in reproductive genes, increasing genetic diseases in future generations, and causing testicular cancer in men. Pu-239’s half life is 24,000 years, remaining radioactive for about 240,000 years. ~ Read more at  Source: Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation 

Check out and read what they have to say. I think it is an important next step to make radiation visible. More and more we are finding links to what this is doing to our environment and to our people. Help to make it a more level playing field.

On April 26th it will be the 28th anniversary of Chernobyl. It's been over three years since Fukushima - have we learned anything?

Maybe, maybe not. Paul Kingsnorth and the Dark Mountain Project  is a lengthy and interesting read on this man's lifetime quest for change.

News that apparently isn't news the radiation leaks in New Mexico - now back to you CNN and your Breaking News.


  1. How can you bring things like this up when you know perfectly well we're trying to decide if that high school did the right thing when they disciplined that boy for asking a former Miss America to his prom? Have you no sense of proportion? We're busy, Annie, very busy. (GASP!) Wait, there's breaking news on the teevee! A teen may have survived a journey in the wheel well of a plane!!! I gotta go find out if this is true! Be still, my heart.