Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Have All the Children Gone...........?

In the midst of rising civilian deaths in Gaza the United Nations urges a "humanitarian ceasefire". Forgive me but I find the use of those two words together almost comical. War today isn't engaged in some delineated battlefield away from civilians.

Today war is brought into classrooms and playgrounds and down main streets. The United Nations is looking into bringing war crime charges against Israel for its attack on a school in Gaza, and now a playground. Personally I think it should be a crime to engage in war period.

If there are issues that need to be resolved using sticks and stones is not the civilized alternative. Man's ability to use the brain has shrunk in capacity compared to the ability to inflict harm.

In eastern Ukraine almost 800 civilians have been killed since mid-April and more than 2,100 wounded. And in Gaza in the last twenty-one days 1,049 civilians are dead and 167,000 Palestinians civilians seek refuge from the conflict.

Oh, when we ever learn?

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