Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Airline Seats: To Recline or Not Recline? That is the question.

Lot's of horror stories having to do with irate airline passengers in the past few weeks. And I won't deny that airline seats are a personal torture chamber. It's not just the recline capability it is almost everything about the seat design, including the almost nonexistent armrest that Olive Oyl herself would have a problem with.

I ran across this article which was in the Science section of the New York Time a couple of days ago. Interesting if you enjoy the facts surrounding seat design.  But the article doesn't really address the core problem and that is the airlines bottom line, not the passengers bottoms.

If you make airline seats smaller you can pack more seats into the same space, and more seats means more revenue. It's not just the size of the airline seats, the quality of the seats seem to be diminishing as well, at least the coach seats.

Airline seats use to be sturdy structures that gave you the feeling of protection as you flew across the skies. Now days they are more flimsy than that couch you tossed out on the curb last week.

My friend Keith in his blog The Worlds addressed this subject about a week ago. 

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  1. When I saw your last line, I thought "I did?" I followed the link, and lo and behold, I did - though sparingly. That's how blogging is: you write and move on. There are so damn many unfair things in modern life. You can't even cover them all. And of course, nothing ever gets fixed. Sometimes I wonder why we bother.