Monday, September 1, 2014

From Charles Deemer A Writerly Retirement:

The great American fallacy

There is no greater disrespect for individual autonomy, choice and freedom than the practice of advertising. Advertising is driven by the premise that you can be persuaded to need and buy something that had not been on your immediate shopping list. Advertising does not satisfy needs; it creates needs.

Advertising is the very heart and soul of American capitalism. The business of America is business, and the business of business is advertising.

In a culture that truly respected the individual, ads would be replaced by directories. If you wanted something, you easily could find it with a range of choices. But you, and no one else, determined what you needed. Exposure to new products would be in special directories. Advertising as we know it would disappear. I wouldn't have to race through TV ads on our TiVo.

The American system has an engrained mythology about respect for the individual. It's like saying you have freedom of religion as long as you believe in God - there's a catch. Advertising says I know what you need better than you do, so buy my product. There is no greater insult.

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  1. My personal favorite is when the drug companies invent diseases to match new drugs that they've come up with. And suddenly the American public decides it has those diseases and the company makes billions of dollars. Ah, America - land of scams. Deemer's right. It all starts with advertising.