Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirteen – Age of Responsibility

The attack on the World Trade Center is thirteen today – a day to look back and remember and a day to look forward and accept responsibility.

For the past thirteen years we have been waging a War on Terror that is not being won. We have invaded countries and ousted governments to no avail. Just this week the United States positions for stronger intervention on ISIS.

Most likely the cause for these terror attacks is the deep hatred the Middle East countries have for the years of meddling by the Americans and before them the British and the French.
“It’s not like we were just minding our own business and these malicious terrorists came along and attacked us for no good reason. We—and the French and British before us—have been fishing in those troubled waters for decades. The very state boundaries that the Islamic State challenges were imposed on the region by the victorious powers in the Versailles settlement after World War I. Both Saddam Hussein and the Assads in Syria came to power as part of a reaction against corrupt regimes imposed by the West. The Taliban in Afghanistan were armed by us to fight the Soviet occupation.”  ~ John Peeler, Making War on Terror: Thirteen Years and Where Are We? 

It might be time to listen to some different voices on this subject and come of age and accept some of the responsibility.

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