Monday, October 6, 2014

"How" do I love thee?

It seems the use of these three letters; h, o, and w, when formed into the simple word "how" has conjured up some serious legal action.  Who owns "how"?

Chobani, you know the yogurt people - they come along and say,  "HOW MATTERS". 
Voila! A Mr. Dov Seidman pops up and says, "No, no, no. 'How Matters' is mine".

Battle ensues...

You've stolen my HOW
And I want it back now 
Not with green yogurt
Blue or even PINK 
Not wrapped in cashmere
Or even in MINK 
Give me my word
And give it back NOW 
 The ways I can count If you want me to show HOW


  1. Sort of a bad attempt to sound like Dr. Seuss, eh? Well, whatever makes them happy.

  2. Yeah, my "bad attempt" to sound like Dr. Seuss... I think K. has lost his sense of humor. Perhaps that will be my next book.... "K Gets His Humor Back". Are you laughing yet?

  3. How can I get my humor back now that the Nats are out of the playoffs? PS: Somehow I thought this was written by someone other than you. Which shows that I wasn't paying attention at all. But how could I pay attention, what with the Nats ripping me to pieces like this? I should be hospitalized. And I may be, later on today. Anyway, sorry.

  4. I should offer up more sympathy when it comes to your Nats, really I should. But I am a Cubs fan and we suffer better than anyone on the planet. Take care the bleeding will stop soon. ;-)

  5. Thanks. And you know, sometimes I comment on your blog before I have my first cuppa coffee. I should visit later in the day. It would be kinder to all concerned. And damn those Nats. But you're right. You deserve much more sympathy. But then, you don't expect to win. Nats fans do.