Friday, October 17, 2014

Obama Appoints Czar

Tzar Nicholas II - 1898

No, not that Tzar, this Czar, Ron Klain. He is the new Ebola Czar and you can read the full story here.
The NYT article says:
"Mr. Klain is known for his ability to handle high-stakes and fast-moving political crises. He was the lead Democratic lawyer for Mr. Gore during the 2000 election recount, and was later played by Kevin Spacey in the HBO drama “Recount” about the disputed contest."
Hmmm, I thought Ebola was a medical crisis. Wouldn't that be handled by our Surgeon General? Oh, wait, that's right we don't have a Surgeon General. It seems the Surgeon General nomination  got caught up in politics.

Maybe Mr. Klain would best be the Czar of clearing up Surgeon General Nominations, then we would have a Surgeon General, aka, a medically trained person, that could work on the Ebola medical crisis.

On the other hand if we just declared War on Ebola I am sure our Defense Department could take care of everything lickedly split.

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  1. C. Everett Koop would have been all over this from day one. Now, he was a Surgeon General. He helped so much during the AIDS (fear) crisis. Now, we just have a PR guy. And forget about Frieden at the CDC. He's the Mr. Rogers of public health. When he was NYC health commissioner, all he did was Bloomberg nanny stuff, you know, to protect us from ourselves. What a twit.