Saturday, October 4, 2014

Republican Men, Climate Change and Women's Rights

"Hey, baby boy, take your hand off me!"

Oh, oh. It looks like the denial of climate change is going to come back to bite those stuffy old white Republican men right where it hurts most.

I guess there is more than one way to get even and patience can be a virtue. Recent studies show that climate change could alter the human male-female ratio.  It seems that male fetuses are extremely vulnerable to climate change.
"The reason why male babies may be more vulnerable to extreme temperatures is not known. But it has been reported previously that male embryos are affected negatively by stress factors such as earthquakes or toxic agents, Fukuda said."
Seems in the end it is best not to mess with Mother Nature.

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  1. If the ratio really skews, the day may arrive where it seems odd to have a male president - what with their scarcity and all. Nah, even if there were only six males left, they'd control the world. I figure their great-great grandfathers would bequeath their weapons to them. And with weapons, one is in charge. It's a guy thing.