Saturday, November 1, 2014

Enlightenment: Russian vs American Styles

Enlightenment the battle continues. Here in America we have Chelsea Handler wanting to prove she has a better body than Putin. So Chelsea babe used her right of freedom of speech and posted a photo of her fabulous breasts on Instagram. I mean come on, you'd have to be blind not to see who won this pecs/pics showdown.

The story goes that Instagram not once but three times removed said pics from Chelsea's account, deeming that women's nipples are not appropriate and are obscene. I have my own suspicions on who might be behind this, and I think it is the man himself, fearless leader of the Soviet er... sorry, Russian people, Czar Vladimir.

You see in a totally unrelated story in the New York Times Putin's Friend Profits in Purge of Schoolbooks, Chesty Putin is also getting sweet Disney characters out of Russian textbooks, as well as other unwelcome teaching aids as a way of providing the Russian schoolchildren with pure Enlightenment.

And why not, especially when you can do this and also enhance the profits of your good friend by leaving his publishing company almost untouched in the purging process. You see the publishing company Enlightenment is owned by one of Putin's best friends.
"Enlightenment is a legacy of the Soviet era, when the Kremlin sought to ensure the ideologically correct education of the country’s youth through absolute control of the nation’s curriculum. The publisher was an arm of the Education Ministry — which also went by the name Prosveshcheniye, Russian for Enlightenment — and schools had no choice but to use its textbooks." ~ New York Times, Jo Becker & Steven Lee Myers
So V. Putin continues to moves forward in his quest to bring back the good old days, you know like back in the USSR days. So if grabbing up countries gets a little troublesome just relax a bit and work on getting the minds of the citizens back in tow and then begin again.

Oh and P.S. to Chelsea: "You go girl."

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  1. I suspect Putin loved this. That's the negative point. It's certainly fine for her to do this. Not that she should care if I or anyone else approves. As Linda McCartney said, "I thought I left disapproval behind when I moved out of my parents' house."