Monday, November 3, 2014

Terror From the Inside

I guess I can talk until I am blue in the face, nothing is going to change because there are just too many people who don't see the harm we are bringing upon ourselves. But I am like that slow dying fish on the dock that flips & flops and then lies still for the longest time and then flips & flops yet again.

I had promised myself that I would give up on the gun issue in American, I realized that the NRA is just too big to stop. They have gun owners convinced that while you may not use an assault rifle for deer hunting or quail hunting by golly you have a right to own one.

This story, Rehearsing for death: A pre-K teacher on the trouble with lockdown drills ran as an opinion piece in the Washington Post today. It was enough to cause that almost dead fish on the dock to twitch one more time.
"Instead of controlling guns and inconveniencing those who would use them, we are rounding up and silencing a generation of schoolchildren, and terrifying those who care for them. We are giving away precious time to teach and learn while we cower in fear. It’s time to stop rehearsing our deaths and start screaming."
I never heard it put that way before but that is exactly what we are doing ~ 'rehearsing our death'. What a sad legacy we are leaving our children.   

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  1. It's a great quote, and you're right. It says it all.