Friday, January 9, 2015

"Never such innocence again."

MCMXIV  ~  By Philip Larkin

I think that every year since mankind began has had its own challenges. Some of those challenges were ignored, some were acted upon. Yet every year old challenges spawn with new ones creating even larger challenges.

Time moves forward but man sometimes stays in the dark ages. Some can't be prodded or bullied or even paid into action. Their hearts and minds remain unmoving and closed.

There will never be the perfect society only the quest for one. Yes, there will always be those who despite the hardness of the task before them will take it up and hoist it to their shoulders.

The price for this honorable act is always paid for with the loss of innocence.

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  1. Excellent as always. So few today even see the challenges let alone have the strength of conviction to do something about them.