Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Religion and Politics

As always, it’s an honor to serve the Second Congressional District and I look forward to speaking with you again soon!
Ann Wagner
Member of Congress

I got my email from my Congresswoman this week. I am glad she didn't say it was an honor to represent me in Congress. About the only thing she and I have in common is we both drive on the right hand side of the road.

In her email this week she led off with this:  "It was an honor to hear from the Prime Minister and I will continue to fight for the Israeli people in Congress."

I hope she has some time and energy left over to fight for the American people in Congress as well. it seems for Ms Wagner, Netanyahu confirmed what many in Washington only suspected and that is Iran's quest for nuclear weapons and support for global terrorism "threatens not only the stability of the Middle East, but the very existence of our ally Israel."

If there is anybody that can handle threats it is Israel, they have a long history of proving just how capable they are in protecting the Promised Land. Frank Bruni of the New York Times wrote an opinion piece this week Christians Loving Jews and brings up the not often talked about 'real' reason there is so much right-wing support for Israel here in the United States. Give it a read it is interesting.

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