Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John Doe - Super Star

Maybe you are this kid, say a 26 year old kid, give or take a year or two. And you are a super star, you know the sports variety type and you earn a salary of close to $10 million a year with benefits. And you work for this company, well kind of a company, a sport franchise. But still you are working for someone who is paying you really big bucks to do something other than mow your lawn weekly.

For the past several years you have gotten away with being a kid. Partly because you are famous, and partly because you are rich and partly because a jillion people let you get away with it.

But what no one cared to tell you or counsel you when you sat down with them to negotiate your latest salary deal was that with wealth comes responsibility. What you could get away with at sixteen when you were nobody and poor doesn't play the same way when you are twenty-six and rich and famous. Now you have to pay the piper for your deeds.

Fairly or unfairly you have to accept responsibility for your actions. Maybe it is time for the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc..... to spend some time and money on counseling and what it means to be a responsible and rich adult.

Too many super stars end up with ruined lives and ruining lives because no one had the courage to pull them aside and say "hey, be careful.... you are going down a path that could get you in a heap o'trouble".

I really hate it when kids I like are talented and they end up doing stupid stuff. It makes me sad on so many levels.

But my door is always open if you want to talk........ But get some help, please.

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