Saturday, September 12, 2015

A London Arrival

View from Delta Flight 30 Approaching the UK

This was our view as we approached London after an over-night flight on Delta Airlines out of Atlanta. We enjoyed on time departures and arrivals, cheerful attendants and despite being a full flight adequate room in the cheap seats.

What I did notice is that the more senior employees and still pulling the good runs. Funny some forty years ago on a quick escape from Bermuda I flew Delta and was so pleased at all the fresh young faces that were working the aisles in those days.

Hmmm, I guess they didn't check the "I'll take early retirement box". No matter they were nice and friendly and did they job in a pleasant manner. I like pleasant manners on airplanes.

Whilst crossing the UK Border the long line went rapidly and I didn't arouse too much suspicion as they wanted confirmations: "Just staying the one day with us, then?" and "Where will you be going next?"

Then a friendly pat on my butt and I went sent out into the world of crazy drivers, unbelievably kind and considerate police and thousands - yes thousands of protestors mostly appealing for Syrians to be allowed into the UK.

The only bad thing was the protest march was going down Park Lane which happens to be the lane where my hotel is situated. After close to a two hour delay in getting to our final destination you can imagine my driver's frustration and I was so bloody tired from a flight with no sleep that I was a bit numb to my surroundings.

I did offer the suggestion ... "Why don't we pull up to the barrier and ask the nice policeman if we could sneak down the road a bit so you could drop your fare off."

The driver popped out of the car and spoke to the kind policeman,  "This sweet, you see her just there in the back seat, nice old lady that's just arrived from the U.S. needs to get just up the block to the hotel."

The policeman listened and spoke to another policeman and then came over to me sitting in the car. "Afternoon Mamm, we can't let you drive down Park Lane, it has been blocked off you understand. But we will let you through the barriers and you can go around the back way through the alley to the hotel."

I thanked him very much and told him I was sorry about that tea thing years ago. He gave me a quizzical look and sent us on our way. 

Not a protestor, rather a UK Rugby player promoting the upcoming World Cup matches.

My Grosvenor Hotel bed awaits me

I showered and shampooed my hair and raided the mimi-bar. Just Pringles and Pepsi but it hit the spot while I relaxed watching a rugby match that was taking place in Ireland. I think I fell asleep before 7 PM and woke a bit ago.

Thought I would have a cup of coffee and knock this blog out and then sleep for a few more hours before heading down for an English Breakfast.

Next report will come first hand aboard the m/s Rotterdam. Have a great Sunday all.


  1. What is a MIMI-bar that you raided Annie? I had to go see my stash to see if you snuck over and took a few from me. haha.


    1. Hmmm I can't get away with anything it seems ;-)