Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Arriving in Eidfjord, Norway

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Arrived Eidfjord, Norway

 Our first stop in Norway was Eidfjord. Just a small town of about 900 people but picturesque even in a slight drizzle. We were given a very gracious welcome by ever so friendly Norwegian Trolls…

It was a drizzling day, cool but welcomed by this traveler, but just sad for the photo ops as the lack of sun makes all the shots look a bit dreary and Eidfjord really wasn’t a dreary place. Quite beautiful as we drove through the Måbødalen Valley, where we would take a stop at the Haine Mountain Lodge at about 3,700' in the heart of Hardanger Mountain Plateau. It was here we would indulge the delicious Waffles with Sour Cream and Jam, though I am afraid I gobbled mine up before I even gave one thought to taking a picture.

After you have spent a few hours on the rugged west coast of Norway you will see why these people as such a hardy lot. Clear water and rough streams where some of the world’s best salmon just wait for the wealthy salmon fishermen to come and challenge them.

Our part- time tour guide works full time (four months) as a chef on an oil platform in the North Sea.  I am guessing he is in his mid-thirties; he has a Cuban wife and a seven-year-old son. Jerry, the guide, enjoyed telling stories of his good old days as a kid of 13 or 14 working hard in the vacation summer months herding the sheep.

Someone on the bus made the comment that Norway was really just one big rock.  The Bus Driver and Guide agreed.  In actuality the rather large country of Norway has just about 4% habitable area. Two biggest cities are Oslo and Bergen.

The Hardanger Mountain Plateau is home to some of Norway’s highest and most beautiful waterfalls.

 Anyone who knows me just a little bit will be aware of my passion for tiny homes. Look at this cute space.  I just may have found my new home

We set sail again around 3 PM and the vistas during cocktails and dinner was really quite gorgeous even with a bit of low hanging clouds. After dinner I did a turn of ships deck and enjoyed looking at all of the little homes that seemed to be just thumbtacked against the mountain sides. If you are looking for peace and quiet you will surly find it in this part of the world.

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  1. Ah, here you are. I was wondering where you went to. Norway looks lovely, even in the rain. What's with the tiny house, though? It looks like a tiny squashed house. But your apartment-at-sea looks wonderful. I envy you, especially because you're in the early part of your trip. Lots of possibilities! Have fun, Annie. And keep on blogging about it.