Thursday, September 24, 2015

Come to Bergen, Norway ~ It’s a Scream

Here we are our last stop in Norway.

Bergen, if I remember correctly is the second largest city in Norway after Oslo. The city became prominent way back in the 12th century with its dry cod trade and by golly they are still fishing today.

Many of the old wooden building have been restored and offer a charm not often seen in many European towns today. 

In addition to wood the restored stone castle, Bergenhus Festning, can be seen and is more than 700 years old. It is complete with dungeon, royal hall and defensive hall.

The large and busy harbor reminds you that Bergen is still an active and important seaport yet today. I love the “tumble” of houses that gathers around and hugs the shoreline of so many Norwegian towns.

There is much to see in Bergen certainly worth more than just a days visit, especially if you are a music lover where you could get out of town a bit and visit the home of Edward Grieg.

I was not disappointed in what I have seen of this vast country. Certainly the people of the western coastal areas are a hardy lot. I would definitely put Norway on my ‘return to’ list.

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