Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Moonlight Through the Porthole.

Back when I was a teeny-tiny child I remember over-hearing a torrid story about actor Errol Flynn and an alleged affair his had aboard his yacht that was anchored off Catalina Island.

The part about the affair didn’t interest me much, I was a child after all but I remember they kept talking a lot about the moon. This intrigued me. I think the story went this way…

‘She said’ – clearly remembering the night with the dashing actor, the moonlight pouring through the porthole.

Time passed and a trial began. Again the moonlight was mentioned. But this time in the hallowed halls of justice “truth” came into balance.

It seems on that night in question, there on the yacht owned by actor Errol Flynn and anchored in the calm bay of Catalina Harbor ~ the truth could finally be told:

It was a moonless night on that particular night in question.

Case closed.

However that was not the case last evening in my MS Rotterdam stateroom. The moonlight literally flowed through the porthole. As for Errol Flynn, he was nowhere to be found.

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