Monday, September 21, 2015

Narvik, Norway

Today is a quiet day; most have gone ashore to experience this little town of Narvik. I decided to enjoy the decline in the ship’s population and first get a bit of laundry completed and then move to the pool area. No one was about so I took a seat on a longue beside the pool and read for a bit and slept even longer. Awaking just in time for lunch.  I tell you can’t beat these built in clocks.

Today there was an excursion, The Ofoten Railway in Narvik, which was about a three-hour ride along an ore route into Riksgränset, Sweden just about half an hour over the Swedish border.

It did look like fun but I just want to chill and stretch out and yes enjoy the Norwegian sunshine.

My friend Joan sits beside me here on the pool deck doing her watercolor painting while I work on writing my blog.  Somewhere is our shuffle of seats we have misplaced her husband who was going to find a quiet spot in which to read.

A bit later then...

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  1. Here's hoping Doris finds her husband. It's so inconvenient when one misplaces them, a real nuisance. It sounds like it's utterly calm aboard your ship, unlike my house where they're putting down blacktop to create a driveway. It's been bulldozers and dump trucks and noise all week. But everything ends, thankfully. (Not your trip, of course.) Cruise on, lucky lady.