Thursday, September 17, 2015

Passing over the Arctic Circle

Me at the moment of Arctic Circle Crossing

This is the first and possibly the last time I will be doing laundry whilst passing over the Arctic Circle.  I understand that doing laundry in this location particular location can produce the whitest of whites.

After laundry and lunch I scurried off to a little lecture on the Vikings. They discovered American you know. After that I went to watch Dancing with the Stars at Sea. My dinner companion the scientist from St. Croix won the waltz competition. Let’s hear it for the PhD ‘s of this world.  Anyway hoping she will have good luck in the next round of competition.

There is a slight chance we might get to see the Northern Lights tonight around 11 pm, the Captain will alert us if that is the case. That would be a stroke of good luck. Last night I was awake at that hour but I can make no promises for tonight.

That’s about it for this off day at sea, tomorrow we will be in Tromsø, Norway where I plan another day of walking about and taking photos and looking for the “just right” birthday gift for Miss Sophie.

Until then……

Sunset Tonight


  1. But you didn't say if your whites came out whiter than white. That was a crucial point. Jeez, the Arctic. Are you going to see icebergs? This trip is the best.