Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pre-Cruise Activities

Reclaimed Luggage From Storage Room


Making lists and checking them twice AND getting luggage out and ready to be packed are items #1 and #2. Of course this assumes you have some time ago checked your passport's expiration date - no they don't last forever.

Another task, if you have never cruised before, is mastering the fine art of Origami Luggage Tags. Sounds simple enough, fold here - DO NOT CUT - fold here, then here, then here. Oh, come on.... you didn't actually start cutting before you read the instructions, did you? Hmmmm.

I am going to look for a cruise line that provides this perk if you book a suite - they send an actual person to your home to pack up your luggage, tag them and take them to the ship for you. Now that would be sweet.

I have charged my Kindle so ready to go on that device. Camera batteries will be charged tomorrow. Making sure every device has its proper cord packed, the cruise line will provide electric power for free.

This about takes care of all the paperwork...almost.

Move on to clothes selection tomorrow.


  1. Sorry I haven't been here, Annie. Too busy with farm life. It seems you're ready to cruise. Good for you. Two whole months this time, right? Lucky devil.

  2. Enjoy your trip!! Looking forward to reading your blog...