Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sailing Towards Narvik, Norway

The sun is there I know I can feel it pounding on the backside of the clouds, screaming “let me through, let me through”. It will happen I am sure of it and if it doesn’t that is OK too.

Here is some general catch up on me so far. The good has been pretty good.  I have settled into my routine: Breakfast is always in my cabin, always with orange juice and coffee and sometimes with eggs and sausage. On my stateroom door hangs the sign “Do Not Disturb” and this is how I wake up each and every day, though the time this ritual begins can vary from anywhere between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

For lunch I like a small plate of sushi followed by a small of plate of the salad offering for the day, usually rice or quinoa with veggies or fruit. Between this light repast and dinner I usually sustain the body with nice fresh vodka’s and tonics if I am not out and about gallivanting.

For the past several evenings I have been enjoying fresh salmon as an appetizer or grilled for a main entrée or both.  If I could I may even try to sneak it in as a dessert, it certainly is good enough.

Today is the Polar Bear Plunge to celebrate the exiting of the Arctic Circle. Now you know how much I want to do this, you even get a certificate. But as luck would have it I have a calendar conflict today at noon. I guess for sure now I will have to return to this area so many things left undone.

As you were.

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