Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Alien Abduction Aboard the High Seas

When a city of six thousand people disappears overnight you begin to look behind you to see who is following you…

And when there is no one there… well… One can only guess what may have happened.

This is where I am right now; I picked the library because I thought it would be a safe place. Three other people have just entered the unlocked doors. They all are covered in white skin, fair-haired, mixed with some silver. Each individual wears over the eyes some degree of optical adjustment. I have heard in the past this may be due to excessive use of books but I can’t really substantiate that as a fact.


Outside it is a different story. The most welcoming of chairs attracting no one. They are just lined up at attention awaiting inspection, but even the inspector is not in sight.

I thought I had heard the bounce of a ball in the distance but when I approached ever so carefully not one person was in view. Ghost basketball? Is that even a game?

The ping-pong area produced the same results, as did the miniature golf greens.

You know I hear the children are the first to go. They are such tender succulent morsels and make the most perfect appetizer to any meal.

A few more turns about the decks produced no answers to the questions I had. I was just grateful that for now I had been over-looked. Perhaps they don’t want the older ones, just too tough.

Oh and I hear that surfers are always the last to be taken.

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  1. Fun. Good to know that you remain in a fabulous mood. Seriously, you've got to find a way to cruise endlessly. It's good for your disposition.