Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Corsica and Tuscany ~ Catching Up

Corsica, France

I must apologize for taking some time off, the sun and sea of the Mediterranean has finally lulled me into compliancy. The weather has been beautiful and summery. Sometimes an early morning shower but then it is over and done with.

The problem with moving around the way we do is that I find a most beautiful spot and then the next day yet another beautiful city to enjoy.

 Corsica Countryside

In Corsica we ventured up the hill from the seaside to see the beautiful landscape of the wine country and even to visit a nougat factory. The experience to taste a variety of nougat candies made fresh was pure delight.

Corsica, France

However the trek climbing up the road to reach the essential oil distillery just about did me in and in the end we over-stayed out visit there which cut our time short at the winery, which was our next stop.

Tuscan Morning Mist

I slept like a baby. And this morning was an early go to head off and enjoy the Tuscan Countryside. The low clouds formed a morning mist around the base of the mountains during the early hours. Up the mountainside we went again to the little hamlet of Montecarlo, it was really quaint and delightful.

Hamlet of Montecarlo, Tuscany, Italy

After strolling the one street which circles through the town, first in one direction and then back again,  we headed out to the winery Tenute di Badia where we were given a nice sampling of wines from white to red to a finale of probably the best dessert wine I have ever tasted. The dessert wine was accompanied by a biscotti made just yesterday by the grandmother.

Montecarlo, Tuscany, Italy

I think the only thing missing might be capturing on film the FedEx delivery man speeding along the street on his Vespa.

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  1. That Fed Ex guy must have teeny, tiny packages to deliver. Tuscany sounds great, Annie. Thanks for sharing it with us.