Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Final Sail Away – Leaving Málaga a Final Time

Last night we left land behind us until we reach the States on November 6th. Yesterday it was a cool and rainy day for the most part but turned out to be a wonderful evening.

The sun went down and the moon came up and glistened off the sea as the Captain made his final preparation and the Allure prepared to head for the open sea. I stood on deck 16 and leaned against the railing and watched the lights of Málaga glisten against the night sky.

I love the city of Barcelona but I think Málaga has become my favorite city in Spain. No wonder for it is a much smaller city with just over half a million population and Barcelona is at three times that population.

So with its fewer people the city’s coziness has a change to glow with her tapas lined streets and generally happy feeling that fills the air.


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