Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gibraltar – Today

I was hoping to meet up with a Twitter friend today but it didn’t happen. But I did manage a lunch at Roy’s Fish and Chips and got to chat with Roy and his wife. I met them two years ago when I was here. Roy got a kick out of seeing my old photo of his place, “We have remodeled since then,” he exclaimed.

I liked the visit today – returning to a familiar place and faces. Though for a moment I was wondering if I would remember how to find the little restaurant. Nice that Gibraltar doesn’t change so much.

I like this picture, there is so much going on. There is the young boy in blue on the right side, swinging his arms and moving fast. Then the old man and his cane, he may move slower but he has been around long enough to cast a mighty shadow.

The woman in here flowered frock walking her dog, probably a good assumption that she is a native. It was a warm Saturday morning with the little plaza a nice mix of locals and tourists. There were the cruisers with their eyes peeled for bargains and even a Bake Sale table that had been set up by local moms most likely supporting their children’s soccer team.

No monkeys or mosques this trip. I just squeezed my body in between various local pairing and hope no one noticed my Holland America Line cruise bag slung over my shoulder.

 These are my friends Ken and Joan - I met them two years ago on my cruise. Glad our schedules worked out this time to meet up again.

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  1. Sounds like you're still in fine fettle, Annie. Nice photos, as always. It must be odd to go to so many places and leave them so swiftly. Cruising. I can't imagine what that's like, though like you I'm sure I'd find the water of the open sea thrilling, especially at night. Very cool. Travel on, Annie.