Sunday, October 11, 2015

Jumping Off and On Ships

Onboard the Allure of the Seas - Docked in Barcelona

Well I have found my home for the next month. It is like moving from a small hamlet out in the countryside to the BIG city. Always easier to move up in the world, right?

Just one basic note; Holland America's MS Rotterdam was a 1300 passenger ship, I am now on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, population 6,000. 'nuf said.  Just keep that in mind over my next few weeks of posting.

We are at this moment docked in Barcelona. I boarded early and I am waiting access to my room while hanging out at my favorite places, The Bar, and why not, so far I have not been asked to drive.

What a different atmosphere. First off, of course, lot's of Latinos, happy people, jazzy live music playing and dancing in the street of the Allure. The street of the Allure being the area that this spiffy little red MG** is sitting on.

I suppose most of these people are here for the seven days and will disembark and a new gang will come onboard. Then we no doubt will have a different make up for the Transatlantic Crossing. The people on board ships are almost as fun as the cruise destinations.

My favorite bartender, Ryan, from the MS Rotterdam has been replaced by Edgar. I'm not 100% sure but my guess is that Edgar will not remember me two years from now but Ryan will.  That is one little difference you can post in the "Ship's Comparison" journal.

The LIVE music being played this afternoon along the street called Allure is really very good. The Spaniards are of course dancing. If you are into good music you can give RCI Allure a check in the win column. On the other hand if your hearing device doesn't register the high end registers just check the Holland American MS Rotterdam column.

When I get a chance to unburden myself of baggage and handbags I will take my camera up to the top deck and check out the sites. In the meantime I think you have today's blog post.

** Correction:
Casey Shain What an experience! And the car you posted is actually about a million dollar prewar Mercedes Benz, probably a 540K from what I can tell smile emoticonBon Voyage once again, m'dear!

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