Wednesday, October 21, 2015

La Spezia, Italy

Map of La Spezia, Italy - Late 19th Century

Today our stop is the port town of La Spezia, Italy where cruisers often scurry to the inner bowels of Florence for shopping and to that famous leaning tower of Pisa. If there are two things that cruisers love to do, it is shop and eat. Oh, and to hold up towers that are tipping.

I had promised myself that I would venture in to town on this second go around, but I have found the solace of the ship and catching up on my reading just too pleasurable. Even with the cool air this morning which caused a bit of bundling up, afforded a delightful outdoor breakfast with a quiet view of this city.  

For me the views out trump shopping and eating any day. This week I have pretty much done what I would do if I were home without the view of a parking lot. In fact the bench seat in my cabin window over-looking Central Park is the most comfortable reading spot in the world. I had to do some fast talking to my cabin attendant and his housekeeping supervisor that I really was quite happy not leaving my room. Even telling them to think of it as 'my suite", heh heh, for 'suite people' have their own secluded areas where they dwell.

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