Saturday, October 10, 2015

Las Ramblas Wakes Up

Well here I am in Barcelona, it is a Saturday morning, not too early but still I find Las Ramblas in the stretching and yawning stages of morning. This works for me.

I wander about looking for toothpaste (I’m running low) and an electric plug adaptor so I can recharge my laptop. I found everything I needed at a little store on this street with the convenient name of “MARKET” over the door.

There is something so very peaceful about the morning hours, I really should become more intimate to this time of day. In a few hours this spot will bustle with people both locals and tourists. I am not a city person really but I am fond of Barcelona. It seems to be a nice mix.

Somewhere around here I will find a spot for lunch a little later.  I will take my Kindle and sit and do a little reading and a little more people watching.

Here is a wonderful city garden, some green thumbs can just not be stopped.

Below my hotel window is a little local piazza. Last night the small children played on the playground toys until night fell. Then the larger children and young at hearts took over the space. They talked, they sang and had a jolly time until ten o’clock when they departed, it seemed to have dinner.

They were back a bit later but their noise was not a disturbing one, rather one of joy, almost like listening to your favorite record. A few were there until almost 3 a.m. when I woke to go potty.

All cities should have such joyful sounds

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