Friday, October 16, 2015

Naples, Italy - Revisited Sixty Years Later

Naples, Italy - October 16, 2016

During the summer of 1955 I was a student at the University of Lausanne and almost every weekend we would grab a third class train ticket to somewhere in Italy. I remember coming to Naples on the train only to grab a ferry to the Isle of Capri about as fast as we could.

Today one of our Omilife guests from Bolivia stands in the foreground with the city of Naples as her backdrop. I love seeing these women, literally skirt about the ship in their wonderfully full skirts over an abundance of lace petticoats. How does one pack these full skits in a tiny travel bag?

This morning fully expecting the coolness of yesterday's weather, I sprung on deck dressed like Nanook of the North only to be bathed in warmth and sunshine.

A view of Mt. Vesuvius from the Allure

When I was in Europe that summer of '55 many countries were still recovering from the ravages of World War II. Some finding themselves quicker at rebuilding than others. Italy was one of those countries that had a lot to recover from.

And today Naples sparkles and welcomes visitors from near and far. I have sent my British scouts out ahead to report back to me this evening the correct manner to see the shops and waterfront of Naples when I return next week.

The Allure and Friends

I have to say this about the Allure, like any beautiful model she hardly ever takes a bad picture. I don't even think she has a 'bad side'.

Anyone want to join me in the pool?

Or under a sun umbrella for a cool drink?

Something always catches my eye

That's me on the right, I really am here.

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