Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ready for a little Trivia?

Most afternoons you can find a few people tucked away in a corner bar area playing a game of organized Trivia. My friend Joanne from the MS Rotterdam cruise would play almost every day and then bring the questions and quiz us at the dinner table.

I thought maybe while we sat at the dock in Barcelona we could play a little game and see how much you have been paying attention these past few weeks.

Question #1: Where was the Nougat candy factory located where I bought delicious treats, city and country?

Question #2: What country was Artichoke Annie in when she earned her “Crossed the Artic Circle” certificate?

Question #3: What is the name of the city in Spain, located just 90 miles south of France?  HINT:  (For Americans) It is not Havana.

Question #4: What was the port city that in the 1800’s Napoleon first planned to develop into a major naval base?

Question #5: If you were walking west on Via delle Conciliazione whose house would you end up at?

Question #6: OK, here’s a easy one. What is the oldest city in all of France? HINT: It dates back to 600 BC.

Question #7: The Sami’s are an early native people of what country?

Question #8: What is the largest of the Balearic Islands?

Question #9: Do you remember the name of my favorite bartender from the MS Rotterdam’s Ocean Bar?

Question #10: How long is a nautical mile?

Tie Breaker: Where did I get my bangs trimmed on the spur of the moment?


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