Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stroll in the Allure Garden

This morning while others boarded tour buses and headed to Rome I took the road less traveled. Here is a little view of my walk through the Allure's Central Park. Now remember folks this is a ship, not a spaceship, but a boat that floats and travels the seas of our planet Earth.

It truly is amazing. I have hired an out of work garden gnome just to pinch me every hour on the hour to make sure it is all real.

I read somewhere that the ship has three full time gardeners that take care of this space. It is not a huge area in the realm of space on this ship.

It occupy's the middle forward area of Deck 8, a circular walking path that is lined with restaurants and a couple of shops. My current stateroom is on Deck 9 and looks down on this delightful area.

I stumbled upon this sculpture, which I have tagged with the name of "Can you hear me now?"

In addition to all the beautiful live flora and fauna there are discreet speakers that emits a variety of bird sounds.

So you can see why one day when I was traversing the park and got caught in a light sprinkle that I thought it was fake rain.

Art not by Chihuly but these bluebirds do make one very happy.

One day when we were in port I noticed a live butterfly that came to visit and a bartender has told me that real birds do often come and enjoy the park as well.

I am curious how the park might change as the ship shifts its location. When we return to the United States the Allure will begin its winter cruising of the Caribbean region.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk today. Maybe now you can see while I am totally content to stay aboard the ship and never leave.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." ~ Robert Frost

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  1. Just finished my walk and then read about yours. Synchrony. And you even managed to work Robert Frost into the post! I once had a friend who worked him into a novel. Good stuff!