Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Sunday

It's Sunday morning aboard the Allure of the Seas ~ Day 8 of our Atlantic crossing. The seas have calmed and most cruisers are basking in the warm sunshine.

Sunrise was around 8:00 am and it wasn't long after that the surfer boys were lined up to take their chances on the wave rider. Well they weren't exactly "boys" rather mature and very fit older men. Well done, I say. I didn't want to make them nervous by pointing a camera in their direction so I'll just give you a shot of what challenges them at this early morning hour.

It is hard to imagine just a couple of days ago we were rocking and rolling in about twenty foot waves and now the sea is beautiful and calm.

It really is such a gorgeous day today, there is nothing that quite matches the vibrant blues when you are at sea on a sunny day.

I love how this ship reflects itself at some of the most surprising turns when strolling along the upper deck.

It won't be long until the basket-ballers will wake from their slumber and take to the court. As the Allure continues to push closer and closer to the land of America leaving a wake and Europe behind her.

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