Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's a folly, he says.

William H. Miller, Ph.D., is a Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia. So I will grant he has the credentials to speak, but I would also suggest he has a vested interest in seeing an ongoing future in nuclear energy.

His recent article in the Columbia Daily Tribune, Alternative Can't Keep Up With Nuclear, he says, “It would be folly for the United States to turn away from nuclear power.”

The foolishness in my opinion, is, and has always been, in not addressing the subject of permanent long-term storage of nuclear waste. Can we at least talk about this a little?

We should never stop looking for alternative energy sources. Morocco has just opened the world’s largest solar energy plant, Ouarzazate Solar Plant.

Maybe California’s deserts might be an ideal location for something similar to Morocco to help ease a shift away from nuclear.

Alternatives won’t keep up if they are not aggressively pursued, that I suggest is the real folly.

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  1. You tell 'em, Annie. You know, I read all the sci-news. And solar light collectors are getting way way better. It will soon overtake old-fashioned nuclear power. And that will be that.