Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Heartfelt Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

Not everyone will feel the way I do, but a lot of you will. I am going to miss this First Family so much. It has been wonderful watching these girls grow up in the White House. Perhaps what our country needs the most is to watch a young family grow up before our very eyes.

And the most surprising was our First Lady. Oh, my she has grown wings. From someone who was reluctant to speak publicly, she has now become an orator spectacular,  I hope she will continue to speak, for she has so much to say that needs to be heard.

The next couple of weeks will be bitter sweet. But I wish the best alway to this Obama family. You did us proud.

There are subtle nuisances to this man's presidency that not everyone will get or appreciate. But for those of us that do, I tip my cap to you, albeit it will be a Cubbies cap and not a White Sox cap.

Safe journey, Mr. President and thank you, again.

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