Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fantasy or Reality - It's a Blur

For months now I have had this reoccurring dream. I am walking around war ravaged streets gathering up young children and babies. I carry and drag as many as I can as we work our way through underground tunnels. I assume we reach safety but I never know for sure. I wake up when I am tired and can't go on any longer.

Another night, another dream. It is always the same scene, as if it were being played on a loop reel.

Last night I had a different dream. I was in the Oval Office with Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Trump was there but slumped back in a Lazy-Boy, asleep, but with a TV news channel playing to the dark.

Ivanka was working on the details to execute a Russian style death on her sleeping father. Jared was busy talking on the phone and cautioning his wife to wait until everything was in order.

Apparently timing was of upmost importance, as the plans were being put into place to make Jared the 'designated survivor'.

No one in the room spoke to me, they knew I was there but I was just ignored. I knelt next to the Lazy-Boy and would check for a pulse periodically.

The room suddenly was filled with a thick foggy darkness and I woke up, again without any resolution.

I guess the Dream Master only allocates a Season One to my dreams. 


  1. You sure have some intense dreams. I like this one a lot. But seriously, and somewhat off-topic, your dreams aren't really that detailed, are they? I've never had such a dream.

  2. Yes, not always, but most of the time. They are like story dreams, watching a movie starring me. At least I am not teetering on narrow, high paths anymore.