Monday, March 13, 2017

Say What? ~ Our Emperor Speaks

"Trump didn't mean wiretapping when he Tweeted about wiretapping." - Spicer

The long awaited 'by the end of the day' arrived. I freshened my makeup and adjusted my coif just before reaching out for the on button my television.

I was braced and expecting the worst as the vacuum tubes whirled in their push for ultimate power. I already knew what I was about to see. Our disgraced former president, hands shackled behind his back, as he was carried from his Washington DC mansion.

How could our esteemed former leader of the Free World have stooped so low as to be a common thief? A tapper of wires...such a disgusting event.

.   .   .   .   .

I don't know how much longer we are expected to allow our emperor to parade around and not rush to his aid and cover him in a cloak of silence. Poor soul he is such an embarrassment, not only to himself but to his family and country.

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