Saturday, May 13, 2017

“Vive la France”

Putting one's best foot forward.

Franco - American is not only canned spaghetti. America’s relationship with France goes back to the beginning of time. Our Founding Fathers literally found themselves entangle in affaires de cœur and they seemed to return to American shores the better for it.

The relationship between our two countries was many times exactly like a big loving family, fighting and bickering at times and prepared to lay down ones life for the other when a third party was poised to interfere or bully.

The first overture to the United States by president-elect Emmanuel Macron after his own election, was to welcome climate change scientists to his country. He extended a hand in friendship for all of “us guys” - the researchers, scientists, innovators to come to France and work with them. He went as far as to say “France is your country”.

So the love affair continues and that thought gives me the warm fuzzies.

I like the French stand on Global Warming and I even will go as far as to blame them for some of this heating up. I mean really, have you read the love-bird story of Brigitte and Emmanuel .  Hot, hot, hot.

Sigh, what older woman doesn’t derive at least some small pleasure of this little love story.

"L’amour est l’emblème de l’éternité, il confond toute la notion de temps, efface toute la mémoire d’un commencement, toute la crainte d’une extrémité."
~Madame de Staël

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