Thursday, June 29, 2017

America's Energy Resources

The President gave a speech today at the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. This was a part of his celebration of America's energy industry. I have a slight problem when Trump speaks, he doesn't capture all of my attention. It might be his use of simple words and ideas. I find my mind wandering and entering doors that perhaps I would be better off leaving unopened.

When he spoke these words below, this was the image that came into my mind. I don't think that was the point he was trying to get across.

Excerpted remarks: 
"The golden era of America is now underway.  Believe me. 
And you're all going to be a part of it in creating this exciting new future.  We will bring new opportunity to the heartland, new prosperity to our inner cities, and new infrastructure all across our nation.  When it comes to the future of America’s energy needs, we will find it, we will dream it, and we will build it.
American energy will power our ships, our planes and our cities.  American hands will bend the steel and pour the concrete that brings this energy into our homes and that exports this incredible, newfound energy all around the world.  And American grit will ensure that what we dream, and what we build, will truly be second to none.  We will be number one again all the way.  We're going to make America great again."
To be fair here is the link to his full speech.

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