Sunday, June 11, 2017

King Donald - As America Abdicates Its Role As World Leader

Perhaps the solution to this Trump-Dilemma we seem to be in would be to make Donald king. I think the change would suit him better. This way Congress can get back to the work of nation leaving King Donald to scoot about in his golf cart and make proclamations that carry no weight whatsoever.

As each day passes other countries in this world grow weary but seem content to carry on without the leadership of the United States. I like that our history of leadership has not left them without a will of their own. As TR would have exclaimed, “BULLY!”.

When you give it some thought Donald carries himself with more of an air of a monarch. The casual swagger, that tilt of the head that allows a downward glance of his eyes when he looks your way. Oh, and the pout. So many monarchs seem to pout more than smile, and belly laughs certainly are out of the question.

So when we have King Donald seated comfortably upon his throne surveying all that is his, but not really his, we can shift our focus back to our leaders.

Yes, back to the work at hand. Let our Representatives and Senators work on real stuff like the budget and healthcare and infrastructure and climate change. The list goes on and on. And when they have come up with a workable and agreed upon plan they can march the paperwork, incased in an appropriate leather bound, gold lettered cover to King Donald for his signature and photo-op. 

With appropriate pomp and circumstance King Donald can award the bill-signing quill to the deserving member of parliament. And as the ink is drying King Donald can scoot off to a golf course of his choice to the eager sounds of the barking hounds.

“God save our gracious king! Long live our noble king! God save the King!”

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