Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Yawn, not another congressional hearing?"

I have consumed a lot of popcorn and soda pop watching Congressional hearings in my lifetime. My first ones were the House Un-American Committee hearings. Whoosh, those didn't turn out well. I would run home after school to watch these on our little black and white television. I guess the saving grace was this wasn't a time of 24-hour news cycles. But mind you, it was a big deal to see this all going on live on that little television screen of ours. I really had no idea or understood that impact of what was going on in those days.

Then the next biggie, and x-rated version of hearings, hit the small screen. It was the impeachment hearing of President Bill Clinton. Thank goodness I wasn't of an age where I was still running home from school to see this live performance. Now we had color televisions, just in time to get a really good look at that 'blue dress'. I'm not sure if I had still been a child my mother could have fully explained to me what this kerfuffle was all about.

And now as I prepare yet another bowl of popcorn and pull up a chair closer to my computer screen, where these days I stream my news from CNN, I will take it all in once again. I guess I really shouldn't be shocked at recent events, after all it would appear my entire life has been lived going from one televised congressional hearing to another.

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