Sunday, June 11, 2017

King Donald - As America Abdicates Its Role As World Leader

Perhaps the solution to this Trump-Dilemma we seem to be in would be to make Donald king. I think the change would suit him better. This way Congress can get back to the work of nation leaving King Donald to scoot about in his golf cart and make proclamations that carry no weight whatsoever.

As each day passes other countries in this world grow weary but seem content to carry on without the leadership of the United States. I like that our history of leadership has not left them without a will of their own. As TR would have exclaimed, “BULLY!”.

When you give it some thought Donald carries himself with more of an air of a monarch. The casual swagger, that tilt of the head that allows a downward glance of his eyes when he looks your way. Oh, and the pout. So many monarchs seem to pout more than smile, and belly laughs certainly are out of the question.

So when we have King Donald seated comfortably upon his throne surveying all that is his, but not really his, we can shift our focus back to our leaders.

Yes, back to the work at hand. Let our Representatives and Senators work on real stuff like the budget and healthcare and infrastructure and climate change. The list goes on and on. And when they have come up with a workable and agreed upon plan they can march the paperwork, incased in an appropriate leather bound, gold lettered cover to King Donald for his signature and photo-op. 

With appropriate pomp and circumstance King Donald can award the bill-signing quill to the deserving member of parliament. And as the ink is drying King Donald can scoot off to a golf course of his choice to the eager sounds of the barking hounds.

“God save our gracious king! Long live our noble king! God save the King!”

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Yawn, not another congressional hearing?"

I have consumed a lot of popcorn and soda pop watching Congressional hearings in my lifetime. My first ones were the House Un-American Committee hearings. Whoosh, those didn't turn out well. I would run home after school to watch these on our little black and white television. I guess the saving grace was this wasn't a time of 24-hour news cycles. But mind you, it was a big deal to see this all going on live on that little television screen of ours. I really had no idea or understood that impact of what was going on in those days.

Then the next biggie, and x-rated version of hearings, hit the small screen. It was the impeachment hearing of President Bill Clinton. Thank goodness I wasn't of an age where I was still running home from school to see this live performance. Now we had color televisions, just in time to get a really good look at that 'blue dress'. I'm not sure if I had still been a child my mother could have fully explained to me what this kerfuffle was all about.

And now as I prepare yet another bowl of popcorn and pull up a chair closer to my computer screen, where these days I stream my news from CNN, I will take it all in once again. I guess I really shouldn't be shocked at recent events, after all it would appear my entire life has been lived going from one televised congressional hearing to another.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All That Twitters Is Not Gold

The man called Donald J. Trump, former leader of the free world, has been a very, very busy man of late. Often things he does on a daily basis goes unseen because of the cloud of Twitter dust that seems to fill the air surrounding him.

To get the full story you should read Under Trump, Worker Protections Are View With New Skepticism.  I believe Trump promised jobs but not necessarily safe and healthy jobs. It is a bit sad really, because in many cases it literally has taken decades to get some of the workplace safety measures in place.
"Nearly four decades in the making, a new rule under the Obama administration was set to lower workplace exposure to beryllium, an industrial mineral linked to a lung disease that is to estimated to kill 100 people annually. And the nation’s largest beryllium producer had agreed to back the new restrictions."
~ ~ ~ 
"OSHA has also put off enforcement of an Obama-era standard for another respiratory hazard — silica, a mineral linked to a disabling lung disease as well as cancer — and it has delayed action on a rule that would require employers to electronically report workplace injuries so that they can be posted for the public."
~ ~ ~ 
"During the early months of the Trump administration, a former lobbyist for an industry group that has opposed the beryllium, silica and record-keeping rules served on the transition team at the Department of Labor, which oversees OSHA. That official, Geoffrey Burr, who has since moved to the Department of Transportation as chief of staff, had been a lobbyist for the Associated Builders and Contractors, which represents nonunion construction companies." 

~ ~ ~
"Asked about the Trump administration’s approach to occupational safety, a spokesman for the White House said, “The President and his administration care very much about worker safety, but believe the Obama administration’s approach was counterproductive, and we think we can do better.” 

Well we certainly wouldn't want to ties the hands of big corporation when it comes to enforcing workplace and worker's safety. Oh and when it come to health related diseases from the workplace environment, I guess we better read the small print in the new Trump-care bill that will be forthcoming. I kind of get the feeling that there might be an exemption for the likes of beryllium and silica.

I will just end with a couple of tips. Be careful what you ask for AND always keep a close eye on the clown with the fast little hands who is doing the switching of the cups and the balls, while the calliope music pays in the background.