Monday, December 12, 2016

Donald, Please... I don't want to be First Lady

After the couple's first visit to the White House, Melania pleaded with The Donald to just let her stay at home. I mean, really, darling... She shouldn't be expected to live with all this early morning baa-ing. And another thing, we know getting the old place livable is going to be a huge job, just huge. It may take way longer then four years, no matter how much foreign labor you import for the job.

Just let her stay here in New York where she is comfortable and cozy. Ivanka indicated she would be more than happy to perform the job of First Lady and she already has lots and lots of really good ideas. I heard she would like to install a little studio in the White House so you can continue doing The Apprentice, I mean you know The Arnold is not right for the job, it just has to be you at the helm.

History shows us that dozens of women other than wives have filled the First Lady duties. There have been sisters, and daughters, daughters-in-law, cousins and aunts. Running the White House will be a piece of cake for Ivanka.